About The Foundation of Denville

The Foundation of Denville is devoted to funding extraordinary educational experiences for Denville's public school students.

We recognize that the quality of the educational system and the support of the community need to go hand in hand. Through your generosity, we can provide for the continued success of current students, as well as future students.

We host fundraisers during the school year. 100% of all funds raised go directly to grants to teachers and the schools to enrich the educational experience for all students. The Foundation is managed and run entirely by our dedicated group of volunteers. We look forward to the continued support of our community to continue to improve the educational experiences for all of Denville’s students.

With all funds raised, we distribute grants which enable qualifying teachers and administrators to offer innovative programs and materials. These initiatives provide educational enrichment opportunities that the local school budget cannot support, due especially to constraints imposed by the state.

We cannot do any of this without you. Thank you for your continued support!

The Foundation has helped me be a better teacher by providing grants which have enabled me to unleash the creativity of my students in new ways by utilizing technology in the classroom. They help me to inspire my students to achieve great things.
— Riverview 4th Grade Teacher