About Our Grants

Grant Programs

Sometimes a small injection of funds can power a big change in how a teacher conveys a lesson, how a student experiences new material, or how a principal inspires the faculty. This is the heart of The Foundation of Denville’s mission.

It is our belief that the best ideas for how to improve our schools often come from those inside them: teachers, guidance counselors, media specialists, principals, and other participants in a school’s daily life.  According to research by the Public Education Network, “grants to teachers for innovative projects or for further study help retain good teachers in the occupation and the district, provide a first step in teachers’ professional development journeys, seed projects that sometimes blossom into whole-school initiatives, and train a cadre of teacher leaders.” 

The Foundation of Denville awards two types of grants: Classroom Grants and District-Wide Grants. All awards made through these programs must have a direct impact in the classroom.

Classroom Grants

Our Classroom Grant program accounts for more than one-half of our total annual expenditures. Applications are accepted once a year in November. Eligibility is open to all faculty members of Denville Public Schools. Grant awards up to $1,000 will be considered. (Under certain circumstances, higher amounts may be considered.)

District-Wide Grants

The District-Wide Grant program awards grants to Denville Public Schools based on a “wish list” generated annually by the building and district administrators. Applications will be accepted once a year, generally in the spring. Eligibility is open to Denville Public School administrators with input from the faculty and staff of the districts. Grant awards will range from $1000 to $5000. (Under certain circumstances, higher amounts may be considered.)